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Medical – dental complications

I am a patient of yours and my mother just moved here from my home town in northern Minnesota to be in an assisted care facility closer to me.  She has a hard time getting around and has some serious health problems.  Can she come in as a patient to your dental office? Paul Dear […]

Dental Stem Cells

Dear Dr. Carol, I have been hearing about dental stem cells over the past couple of years.  How close are we to growing new teeth in people’s mouth? George Dear George, Currently there are no human trials taking place with the postnatal cells and there are no clinical applications available.  Right now, cells from dental pulp […]

Plastic Water Bottles

Dear Dr. Carol, I was in your office recently for my first appointment, and at your receptionist offered me one of your plastic water bottles to take home after my appointment.  I am wondering if the plastic bottle is safe. Betty Dear Betty, According to the JAMA, Journal of American Medical Association, September 16, 2008, […]

Over the Counter Whitening Strips

Dear Doctor Carol,  I am only in my forty’s, but my teeth look so old compared to many of my friends who are the same age.  I bought some over the counter whitening strips, but it didn’t seem to help.  What can I do?    Jeannie  Doctor Carol’s response,  Dear Jeannie,      Although I have not […]