Medical – dental complications

By Carol | May 28, 2009

I am a patient of yours and my mother just moved here from my home town in northern Minnesota to be in an assisted care facility closer to me.  She has a hard time getting around and has some serious health problems.  Can she come in as a patient to your dental office?


Dear Paul,

Thank you for thinking of me as a dentist for your mother.  Although I have many patients with very complex dental issues, I usually refer people to another dental facility when they have the facilities to take care of patients with complex medical issues. 

I would recommend The University of Minnesota Physicians Dental Clinic.  They are located on the Riverside Campus where an inpatient dental hospital service is available if needed.  Their focus is on special needs medical patients.  And your mother would be in good hands.

Call 612-659-8689 or for more information.

Doctor  Carol