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Ready for a Change!

Hal's smile 

A prominent federal mediator entered the office of Cross DentalCare. His name was Hal Gold and he was ready for a change.

During a consultation with the professionals at Cross, Hal explained that his teeth did not project the same vigorous and successful image that Hal embodied himself.

His teeth were stained with age, and excessive wear had caused them to become shorter. Could Cross DentalCare help?

"Mr. Gold," he was told, "you've come to the right place."

The Patient Care Coordinator explained that one of the office's specialties was veneering, a technique whereby porcelain material is applied to a person's teeth, to give them the smile of their dreams.

Veneering looks and feels natural, and is popular among people who want a striking younger look, safely and comfortably.

Cross DentalCare - Smile is foreverLater that week, Hal came in for his first appointment with Dr. Austin. After just two sessions, he glanced in the mirror and saw a new man looking back at him.

His wife was delighted, and told him he had a "fabulous sexy smile." Hal wished he'd known about veneering years earlier.

Now he takes his new smile with him everywhere. It's given him new confidence. Finally, Hal Gold has the smile he deserves.


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