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Bonding & Veneering

Why Veneering? Why Bonding? What Can it Do For Me?
Bonding and veneering can whiten teeth, give teeth a nicer shape, make them more even, and close unattractive spaces. Bonding and veneering are “simple” procedures for the patient, but both techniques require a high level of technical and artistic expertise on the part of the dentist to produce an attractive, natural smile for you.

Dr. Carol Austin has the experience and the expertise.

Bonding and Veneering: Art as Well as Science
Bonding and veneering are now being used to correct many cosmetic problems previously only treated with caps or crowns. This is a dental breakthrough because bonding and veneering represent the most conservative dentistry practiced today. This means both techniques involve a minimal amount of tooth reduction, and in some cases none at all.

What is Bonding?
Bonding entails sculpting a durable, enamel-like composite material to the teeth. Three Cosmetic Dentist Minnesotaappointments are scheduled. The first is an examination and smile design appointment. The second appointment is to sculpt the bonding material to your teeth. The third appointment is for the final artistry; the shaping and contouring of the teeth to create the exact look for you. Currently bonding materials exhibit a three to seven year life span, although some may last significantly longer. Longevity depends on many factors; such as the original condition of the teeth, care of the bonded teeth, mouth chemistry, life of the material used, and the skill of the dentist. In some situations, touch ups may be required which will prolong the life of the bonded teeth. In any case, bonded teeth can be re-bonded.

What is Veneering?
Veneering is the latest advancement in porcelain dentistry. It is used many times in place of crowns for a more conservative, natural appearing smile. Four appointments are scheduled. The first is an examination and smile design appointment. The second appointment involves preparing the teeth, taking impressions and placing temporary veneers. The third appointment involves placing the veneers. The fourth appointment is for the final artistry. Porcelain veneers may last from seven to twenty years. Again, longevity depends on many factors and veneered teeth can be re-veneered.

What is Best For Me, Bonding or Veneering?
Both choices give excellent results. To determine which treatment option is best for you, call for an appointment. See Dr. Austin’s “ before and after album” of people just like you who have chosen to improve their smiles. You can have a whiter, brighter, more natural smile.