Wayzata, Minnesota

A smile is forever!

People today are concerned about looking their best, along with staying fit and healthy. An attractive smile is a goal that anyone can achieve.

Cross DentalCare - A smile is forever"Before and after" photos tell the story. Crooked, uneven teeth have been artfully reshaped, and unsightly gaps between teeth have disappeared with cosmetic dental techniques. Stained, discolored teeth can be transformed into whiter, brighter, more natural-looking teeth.

During the past decade, new, breakthrough techniques have revolutionized cosmetic dentistry. Years ago, caps or crowns were the only treatment for cosmetic problems. Today positive and dramatic results can be obtained with bonding, veneering, and tooth whitening. These methods represent and more natural looking, conservative approach requiring a minimal amount of tooth reduction, or none at all.

“A good eye,” and artistic ability is important because many factors must be taken into consideration to create improved smiles. Facial shape and structure, complexion, eye and hair color, and the size and shape of the teeth must be considered.

Proper lighting is necessary to achieve a perfect color match. Dr. Austin has equipped Cross DentalCare's treatment rooms with full-spectrum lighting to simulate natural sunlight. Also, she and her patients work closely with Harrison Dental Laboratory to achieve the most natural results.

Cosmetic dentistry goes far beyond just improving a patient's appearance. "It can boost a person's self-esteem and self-confidence," says Dr. Austin. "There are many people who are so unhappy about their teeth that they simply won't smile."

Also, many people have achieved greater success with their careers because of cosmetic dentistry. Not only is it necessary for models to have great smiles, but many business people who interact with the public find that a winning smile can make a difference.  There are many of Dr. Austin's patients who love to share their "success" stories.

While some patients request extensive correction, others need only minor cosmetic treatment. Dr. Austin offers a complimentary consultation to discuss the various available cosmetic options.